The Results

YouTube -

The YouTube channel experienced a surge in viewership, with an impressive 317,000+ increase in video views compared to the previous year. This substantial growth was further emphasized by the impressive 1,772,414 impressions served on YouTube.

Targeted Web Pages -

The content strategically placed on targeted web pages garnered significant attention, resulting in a staggering 1,975,400 video views. This translated to a remarkable 25,000% increase in page visitations, exemplifying the campaign's resounding success in driving traffic to these specific pages.Additionally, the campaign achieved a commendable 4.2 million impressions served, further solidifying its impact on the digital landscape.

Social Media -

The campaign's presence on social media platforms saw an extraordinary 25,000% increase in page visitations. This exceptional growth was indicative of the campaign's ability to resonate with the target demographics across various social media channels. The campaign's reach extended to 2.3 million views in total, reaffirming its widespread appeal.

Platform Distribution -
  • 1.6 Million Viewed to Completion
  • 52% of Impressions on Mobile Devices
  • 33% of Impressions on Computers
  • 13% of Impressions on Tablets
  • 2% of Impressions on TV

Our JIMMY KING campaign reached a wide audience, with 1.6 million viewers watching the content to completion. Impressively, over half of the impressions were on mobile devices, showcasing the campaign's effectiveness in capturing the attention of on-the-go audiences.

2.4 Million

Total plays across all platforms


Increase in page visitations


Views to completion

The campaign continues

Through the strategic deployment of original commercial content tailored to key demographics, this campaign achieved extraordinary results. The substantial increases in views, engagement, and page visitations across platforms underscore the campaign's remarkable success. These outcomes not only showcase the effectiveness of the campaign strategy but also lay a strong foundation for future endeavors in engaging and resonating with the identified key demographics.

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